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 Carmel Karate Lessons offering…

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  • Integrated character development program!

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  • Conveniently located! Central to the west side of Carmel – in the Village of West Clay!

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Here is some information that you might find helpful about our Karate Lessons, as well as, our Wellness Programs!

What services will we be offering? 

Carmel Karate Lessons – Why Choose us?

If you are shopping around for  a martial arts School,  it is important to remember that your learning and growth, your ability to defend yourself and the messages you receive are a reflection of the quality of instruction.    

We are not a sport karate school focused on competition.  Students don’t compete against each other, they work with each other and compete against them self.

We are a traditional school focused on self – mastery,  personal growth and character building by facing the challenges inherently found in self-defense training.

“It’s not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you were the day before.”

Unlike many schools with junior teachers (largely untrained & unqualified) trying to teach,  Master Mountain teaches every class..because he wants the students to improve and grow with every class.

Do I have to sign a 1 year or 3 year contract when I sign myself or my child up for Karate Lessons? 

No!  We don’t believe in holding anyone prisoner to force them to come to class.  Even more important, if you or your child decide to stop taking classes, we don’t expect to be paid for classes you are not receiving!   Things happen…you might need to relocate the family or have scheduling problems, what ever the challenge you should be able to do it without the drama of breaking a contract.   Bottom line is that students love our classes and we don’t need to force them to stay by using contracts.  We are here for you!

What are the benefits of Martial Arts?

For adults…click here!

For Children…click here!

Why Master Mountain is Passionate about Martial Arts and Your Health?

From Master Mountain..”Every Man, Woman and Child deserves to have the health, courage and confidence to reach their peak potential and become the best version of them self!  I am passionate about helping our students and patients reach that goal”

1) I believe that certainty, confidence and courage are forged through martial arts training… self-defense and self-mastery are the foundation for greater levels of personal fulfillment and self-expression.

2) I believe that health is a gift and it is up to the individual to honor and nurture that gift by taking pro-active steps to reaching their peak potential!

I love this definition of self-respect as a frame work that encompasses these beliefs – “Self Respect is the conviction that our life and well-being are worth acting to support, protect and nurture; that we are good and worthwhile and deserving of the respect of others; and that our happiness and personal fulfillment are important enough to work for!”   Said differently…every time you act in a way that increases your health and well-being,  personal growth, and ability to defend yourself; you send a message to yourself that you matter.  Self respect, confidence and high self-esteem is your reward! 

Martial arts training, healthy choices and regular chiropractic care are my path and I am  honored to be able to share these passions with you.

Sincerely,  Master Michael Mountain D.C.

Is there a hidden benefit of being taught Karate by a Former National Champion and Master level instructor who is also a Healthcare Provider?

Yes…Injury prevention!  Every consideration is made for you or your child to ensure that the class experience is positive, controlled and above all….safe!   Kicking, striking and grappling correctly with proper technique requires good body alignment,  sequence of movements, tension vs relaxation and attention to details.  Under the right instruction proper technique is passed on so that the student gets to improve quickly and  injury free.   Most injuries occur in other schools because students are throwing full power kicks etc. without being able to do it technically correct.  As a result, they twist knees, injure ankles or strain muscles.

The other reason for injuries is because some schools don’t create a safe and controlled environment.  This is another reason that Master Mountain teaches all classes;  to provide a controlled and safe environment for all to learn.   Chaos and martial arts do not mix well…injuries are the usual consequence.

Dr. Mountain is a health care provider first, his attention to technical detail and safety is designed to prevent injuries as well as create the foundation that leads to high levels of  competency!


Who is Master Mountain and Why Karate and Chiropractic Together?

It has been Michael Mountain’s dream to put his two passions together under one roof…  for 20 years!   Here is how it happened….

Master Michael Mountain began training martial arts 40 years ago.  In his twenties,  he was the head instructor of a martial arts school in San Diego.  That school, under his leadership, grew to be one of the most successful schools in San Diego.

He developed a reputation for teaching positive, exciting and rewarding classes in both the adults and the kids.  His students were known for their respectful & humble attitudes, technical excellence and ability to defend them self in any real situation!  As a result, he grew the children’s program to over 150 students, some of which traveled as far as 20 miles away to come to class!    The adult classes also thrived…some of his classes had over 40 adult students in one class, in just 700 sq/ft!

To continue reading more about Master Michael Mountain D.C. click here!

Do I have to do both Karate and Chiropractic Together?                                                  Karate Lessons Carmel

Of course not!  These are Dr. Mountain’s passions but you are not expected to do both when you are interested in only one service.  They are just both offered under one roof.   Martial arts students are not expected to participate in any of our wellness programs.  And those who use us for Chiropractic care or any of our wellness programs will be under no pressure to take karate classes with us.  We appreciate your business in any capacity and feel grateful to serve you and the community!

We do have a “Platinum Program” for individuals or families that choose to participate in martial arts and Chiropractic wellness together.

How long will it take to become a black belt?

For adults the average time to get a black belt (mid-night Blue Belt) is 4 years.

Children will take a bit longer than that, approximately 5-6 years.

Part of our curriculum is to teach the children about the importance of Goal setting and Action Plans.  Progressing from belt level to belt level is the practical lesson of that teaching.  The black belt becomes the big picture goal and the testing for a new belt every three – six months is a lesson in chunking down a big picture to bite size pieces.  Students build confidence and momentum not just in their training but throughout all aspects of their life.  By understanding the process the students can take the lessons learned and apply them to real life goals!

What areas will our Center be serving?

We chose to open in the Village of West Clay because of its central location to all of the residents on the west side of Carmel.  We will be serving of course serving families that live on the west side of Carmel, but also the west side of Westfield, East Zionsville and North Indianapolis!


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